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  • Automobile Industry

    Automobile Industry

    Kasin is proud of as the national automobile supplier for 10 years in China. Drop forged rivetless chain, Forged Trolley, I-beam, and turn the wheel that Kasin excellent products for national automobile industry. Every part shall be inspected strict before using. And Kasin will provide a Product report of QC with goods.
  • Painting Line

    Painting Line

    Overhead conveyors are the most commonly used conveyor type for paint finishing. Our Kasin Monorail conveyor and Power and Free systems all have an enclosed track design which helps prevent contaminants from reaching the chain and bearing surfaces.
  • Cement Industry

    Cement Industry

    For Cement industries Kasin universal supply Buckets elevator chains Such as ER956 Chains and hot clinker chain. Chains assembled with pins staggered in pairs. Pins and bushes induction hardened and ground High specification alloy steels, Closely controlled tolerances.
  • Grain Store

    Grain Store

    Worldwide the most common running gear encountered is the 81XH Series. This, therefore, describe as the GRAIN CHAIN. It is always a 2,609” pitch (66,27 mm). And Kasin still supplies the forged links chain for conveyor grain BCS of it has stronger tensile strength for heavy works. As duties have increased demand for a heavy-duty version and extra heavy-duty version has developed. This has been achieved by increasing the height and thickness of the side plates, although maintaining the same gearing details. Where necessary therefore the heavier versions can be used to upgrade existing equipment. Flights are normally WT the welded version but John King uniquely offers BT style being bent integral produced to customer standards.
  • Sewage Processing

    Sewage Processing

    We have the experience and can advise on installations and improvements that will keep this critical operation running. KASIN supply all the specialized chain and sprockets for settlement and clarifier tanks at wastewater treatment plants. High-quality bar screen chain, 700 Series chain, non-metallic, cast and stainless steel chain, and sprockets that are manufactured from 100% UHMWPE, a combination of cast/steel hubs, and UHMWPE segments, all Cast, and/or Steel construction. Fiberglass flights, laminated wood flights, UHMW wear strips, wear shoes, jaw clutches and wall bearings are also available.
  • Marsh Machinery

    Marsh Machinery

    ​Kasin Marsh buggy track chains are also called swamp buggy track chains and are available in a wide range of pitch sizes including 76.20mm, 101.60mm, 127mm, 152.40mm and 200mm. They are the most typical products in our special engineering chains. Precise dimension, remarkable dimensional consistency, and stable mechanical performance such as high tensile strength and wear resistance have made the roller chains highly recognized by marsh buggy manufacturers around the world.
  • Rubbber Gloves Industry

    Rubbber Gloves Industry

    Latex gloves are made from natural rubber and have superior resistance to tear and puncture, and are also more waterproof. Kasin universal supply Pitch 101.60 Gloves chains and connector former holder.
  • Sugar Industry

    Sugar Industry

    ​In the Sugar refining industry, the chain is mainly adopted as a transmission chain. The sugar mill chain has to be abrasion and corrosion resistant since it is inevitably exposed to strong impact and corrosive environments. Kasin universal produce sugar mill chain is straight panel chains, cranked link chains, cast chains, Main cane & Auxilliary carrier chains, Intermediate carrier chains, Bagasse conveyor & elevator chain and Inter-Carrier forged chains.
  • Food Industry

    Food Industry

    ​For the food production industry, Kasin can supply the stainless steel roller chains and allowing large quantities of goods to be moved speedily from location to location. KASIN’s conveyor chains are available in a variety of corrosion-resistant materials, including stainless steel, nickel-plated, and ProCoat. Additionally, ask for our available Quest technology with solid bushings for longer life. Finally, we can configure your chain with a wide variety of Attachments to fit your specific application. Our conveyor chains are sturdy and long-lasting, allowing you the peace of mind that Kasin Chain will keep you running.
  • Parking Lot

    Parking Lot

    The new garage uses a conveyor chain to lift and down the car. KASIN design and manufacture special large pitch conveyor chain with attachment. It can lift and down the car quickly and safely, less the maintenance cost and easy operation. The vertical rotary system needs to use a safety conveyor chain to lift the car up to 6 ~ 12 floors, working together with special sprockets to prevent the chain sliding. Pitch 450mm-560mm, Tensile strength 1500kN -2000kN. With high quality and competitive prices, we have been the No.1 chain supplier for the Vertical rotary car packing system in China. Roller Type: A- with self-lubricating bearing B- Embedded roling bearing C- Overall roller. Chain working life: designed with the same working life of car packing system. The chain work with a fork in order to get a stable and good lifting position. There are also have special types, such as with side roller, special outer plate, etc.
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