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Enclosed Track Conveyor System

Enclosed track conveyor system is comprised of a continuous chain running inside a tubular track. A drive unit grabs and moves the chain, which a take-up unit keeps tensioned to prevent bunching. Variable speed controls start and stop the entire line, which moves synchronously; loads travel in unison and are always the same distance apart.


KASIN Enclosed Track Advantages:

· Overhead conveyor can move awkwardly shaped items that don't sit well on conveyor beds. Kasin supplies special attachments that carry loads without damaging them.

· Enclosed track's small curve radius and low profile help you incorporate turns, inclines, and declines into your conveyor system to utilize seemingly unusable overhead areas and tight quarters.

· Bolt-together modular components allow fast installation and easy modifications.

· A single energy-efficient drive unit can move hundreds of feet of chain, even through elevation changes and around curves, resulting in very low operation costs.

· The enclosed tubular track shields the chain from contaminants and extends its life. It also helps protect workers from moving parts.

Overhead conveyors are an economical way to move products through an assembly line. They can handle items that don't sit well on a conveyor bed and present them at an ergonomic height. They also provide better access to each side of the product, as well as variable speed that can be adjusted for the rate of production. Optional "indexing" controls move the conveyor line a pre-set distance before stopping to allow loading, assembly work, or unloading.

Overhead conveyor is ideal for a number of finishing processes where handling by workers can be dangerous or damage the product. Enclosed track withstands the corrosive environment of chemical wash areas and the heat of curing ovens. Its ability to handle steep declines and inclines helps minimize the required size of dip tanks. Kasin can supply custom carriers that rotate the product for maximum coverage in paint lines.

Enclosed track conveyor carrying parts through a paint line

Many other applications are possible, such as garment handling or creative displays for retail and entertainment.

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